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Electronic Security Systems and the Central Alarm Monitoring System (CAMS) are our big technological leap forward in our joint venture with Certis CISCO of Singapore. This service provides high tech, very reliable intruder detection systems, to warn clients against burglary, intruders and fire. The electronic detectors include CCTV, dial in video, motion, acoustic and magnetic systems which when connect to the Central Alarm Monitoring Service (CAMS) at our Headquarters, can activate our 24 hour standby rapid response mobile teams to meet any emergency. CAMS together with our Guard Service, give our clients a unique integrated security systems which will provide a level of protection not available elsewhere in Sri Lanka and which best meets the threat/risk to clients. A 24-hour maintenance back up service ensures that any fault in the electronic system is attended to effectively and rapidly. We can also provide electronic access control systems, metal detectors and car alarm systems.


" To be the premier service provider in loss prevention, secure logistics and caring services in Sri Lanka "

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" To provide our customers peace of mind, by setting the highest professional standards in providing solutions in loss prevention,
secure logistics and caring services in Sri Lanka whilst giving our employees a challenging, rewarding and fulfilling career "

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CCTV Operations

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