Apartment Video Door Phone Systems

The Video Door Phones are popularly used in homes, offices, and organizations in order to identify the people before they enter the premises. Over a period of time, their use has markedly increased. The range of Equipment include single camera monitor to multiple cameras and monitors integrated together and larger systems for apartments.

Car Park Barrier System

In the project “ Car Parking System” we have shown the concept of an automatic car parking system which will automatically sense the entry & exit of cars through the gate and then display the no. of cars in the parking lot. The sensing of entry and exit of cars is done with the help of Infrared transmitters and receivers.

Metal Handheld & Walkthrough Detectors

Metal detectors are commonly found in sensitive installations like airports, Banks etc. These days you can find them even in most areas. With the increase in security threats, the airport metal detector is not the only detector seen commonly. A large number of companies and businesses have started using metal detectors and its usage is increasing day-by-day. A metal detector uses a system based on alternating current and pulse. This essential security equipment has truly come a long way and today metal detector electronic parts and coils have improved tremendously to aid the effective dissemination of these appliances. The range of equipment include basic hand held metal detectors to 4 to 32 Zone Walkthrough Metal Detectors

Electrical Articles Surveillance Systems ( EAS)

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) is a technological method for preventing shoplifting. It usually involves three components:
• Electronic Antenna
• Deactivator or Detacher
• Deactivator or Detacher

Special tags and labels are fixed to merchandise or books. These tags or labels are removed or "deactivated" by the clerks when the item is properly bought or checked out.Labels are deactived using a "Label Deactivator". While ringing up purchases a cashier should pass each product label across the "Deactivation Pad".To remove a Hard Tag a cashier uses a "Detacher" which releases the pin.After a label is deactivated or a tag is removed the customer can then pass by the antenna without any alarm.At the exits of the store, a detection system sounds an alarm or otherwise alerts the staff when it senses active tags are passing by.

Guard Tour Systems

A rugged reader is the core of any security guard tour system. Our system is build around The PIPE, a rugged hand-held device the size and shape of a small flashlight. The heart of the GUARD1 PLUS system, THE PIPE records data contained in tamper- and weather-resistant touch memory buttons. These buttons are smaller in diameter than a dime and roughly 3 times as thick. Each button contains a microchip and a unique ID number.

Buttons can represent locations, incidents or officers — as determined by the guard tour software. When an officer touches THE PIPE to a button, THE PIPE beeps and flashes its LED, confirming that the button's ID has been successfully recorded. The system cannot be circumvented or defeated.

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